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The Simple Truth About Nutrition

100 Billion dollars are wasted annually on weight loss plans and dietary supplements and the results are transitory and ultimately fail. Medical science shows the body is continually replenishing and repairing itself: blood renews every six days, skin renews every 28 days, and muscle and bone renew every few weeks. What you eat is chemically converted by your DNA to either maximize this healthy process or cause disease. It’s up to you to pick wisely. Animal fat in red meat, cheese, butter, ice cream, and pizza are transformed into cholesterol. This cholesterol clogs arteries to the heart and brain causing disabling or lethal heart attacks and strokes. High sugar intake especially in diabetics can lead to blindness and kidney failure. High salt intake can lead to hypertension and heart failure. Excess body fat increases cancer risk. So a truly healthy nutrition begins with REDUCING (sugar containing) white carbohydrates; bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and pastry. These are wasted calories which lead to dangerous fat, and decreased life span. Colored foods like fruits and vegetables, cereal, nuts, and grains have beneficial antioxidants and fiber that boost growth, immunity and repair processes. They are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, fish, chicken, egg whites, beans and soy proteins rebuild muscle, tendons, bones and immunity. If you eat the best foods you will get the best results. Keep your total calories low and combine this with a walking routine: you will feel better and live longer. But remember, everything in moderation when deciding your nutrition plan. The outcome is up to you. Just some food for thought ;)

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