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About Dr. Ross

Dr. Steven Ross leads the team at Sharon Medical Associates with over 45 years of medical experience. Dr. Ross holds the utmost importance to allowing for flexible appointment scheduling and being vigilant in his care to get to the proper diagnoses.

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Dr. Ross' Story

Dr. Steven E. Ross is a multifaceted professional with a remarkable background in biological chemistry, engineering, invention, scientific research, and medicine. He holds degrees in Chemistry, a Master's in Science, and a Doctor of Medicine, all from esteemed institutions such as Boston University and Northeastern University. Dr. Ross's journey has been marked by diverse accomplishments, including his contributions to the Apollo space program by developing flame retardant materials, pioneering aircraft stealth technology, and demonstrating the immune response triggered by cancer cells during his time as a medical student. Alongside his pursuit of knowledge, he is currently pursuing a Certified Financial Planning degree at Boston University, highlighting his dedication to lifelong learning. With over three decades of experience as a primary care physician, Dr. Ross has excelled in various medical roles, including emergency and intensive care medicine, hospitalist, medical director of a long-term care facility, and expert medical witness. Recognized as a master diagnostician, he prioritizes a comprehensive approach to patient care, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects with compassion, empathy, and respect. Dr. Ross advocates for his patients, guiding them through the complex medical landscape to find the best possible care and specialists. Ultimately, he strives to enhance his patients' quality of life, making it their utmost priority.


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