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The Importance of Mental Health

We all need proper mental health to function well in society which is generally influenced by our physical and emotional environments along with our brain chemistry. The main issue stems from severe emotional stress, which can have a profound negative effect on an individuals mental health. Luckily, it

is frequently amenable to therapies especially if done at an early age in a motivated individual that is equipped with an appropriate therapist. In some cases, medication can be extremely beneficial because it brings the brain chemistry back into balance and allows for better feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. A combination of therapy and medication can improve motivation, lift your spirits, give you more energy, and relieve sadness and panic attacks. This ultimately improves your relationship with people and your work performance.

Further, mental health can be improved with (1) proper nutrition with fruits, vegetables, grains, and cereals (2) regular supervised exercise (3) increased social interaction (4) building new skills (5) seeking psychotherapy (6) and taking regular supervised medication (7) physical exam and blood tests to check blood, vitamins, hormones and inflammation. Some illnesses can profoundly effect mental health and should be detected. By following these suggestions, it may allow you to cope better with anxiety, depression, panic, mood swings, attention, memory disorders and hallucinations. Many have told me these guidelines have improved the quality of their life and have even saved it.

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